Some recent web postings by visitors to The Crystal & Fantasy Caves.

When I went to Bermuda I visited the Crystal Caves. They were beautiful and I advise anybody who is willing to walk up and down steps to go and see them! You definitely won't regret it.
— Jill

Crystal caves are way better. Like way, way, way, better. Just voicing my opinion. I used to live in Bermuda and wish that I still did.
— Anonymous

My husband and I visited both caves while on our honeymoon. I've never been inside a cave before so I can't compare but it was an amazing experience.
— Mrs. Jones

I live in Bermuda and I am 13 years old. It is a wonderful place and you should really check it out. I think both caves are awesome but you should check out Fantasy Caves because you see more.
— William

These were among the most beautiful caves I have ever visited. Got many beautiful shots inside. The admission price for the 2 caves was worth every penny.
— Mr. Hoasjoe

Bermuda is great! I'm doing my speech on it! I love the Crystal Caves!
— Allison

I love the Crystal Caves. I visit them EVERY time I go to Bermuda, all the kids LOVE IT!
— Alex


I went to both and I just loved it!
— IA

I thought both caves were great fun. Visit both, they are different. It's fun to see the water in Crystal Cave, but the stalagmites and stalactites are better in Fantasy Cave. Have fun!!
— Maddie

Bermuda rocks! Fantasy and Crystal Caves make it so better! Best place to take a vacation!
— Jillie

I went to Bermuda and visited the Crystal Caves. Definitely recommended! I loved going to the Crystal Caves and then going in the boat and being so close to nature. If you are going to Bermuda, make sure you stop at the Crystal Caves!!
— Bobby

A great educational opportunity for kids. Our son is 10 and visited both caves as part of a school project.
— Tamra

My advice is to do both caves. Fantasy Cave is by far the best. Most people don't see it and only opt to see the Crystal Cave.
— SP

This is one of the only attractions within walking distance of the Grotto Bay hotel. The cave itself is very beautiful.
— Pam